N-Back Memory Training

  • Java-based Android app on Google Play for n-back working memory training
  • 4.6 star rating, 10k+ monthly active users, 25k+ lines of Java
  • Scoring with discrimination index (A’) from signal detection theory
  • Data management using Firebase Realtime Database and SQLite

NIfTI Studio

  • Open-source toolbox for NIfTI and Analyze (img/hdr) image visualization, editing, and 3D rendering
  • View on Github, Citation


  • Open-source toolbox toolbox for quality assurance analyses on structural and functional MRI images
  • View on Github, Citation

Deep Learning Framework for Financial Time Series Prediction in Python Keras

  • A set of Python functions for training small, fully connected networks or sequence models (e.g., LSTM) to predict stock prices
  • Functions available for randomly partitioning data into Train/Dev/Test, creating sliding windows of various sizes, making data stationary
  • Evaluate model performance via RMSE, R2, ROC curve and AUC
  • Evaluate trading outcomes via Annualized return, % Profitable Trades, Profit Factor, Max Drawdown

Portfolio Sortino Ratio

  • Optimize stock portfolio weights to maximize a combination of Sortino ratio, Sharpe ratio, total return, downside risk, SD, or max drawdown
  • View on Github, MathWorks File Exchange

N-Back for Matlab

Plot Corrmat

Simple Cohen’s Kappa

  • A simple and easy-to-use implementation of the inter-rater reliability measure Cohen’s kappa (κ)
  • Cohen’s kappa is normalized for the percent agreement expected by chance due to class imbalance
  • View on Github, MathWorks File Exchange


  • Rapidly calculates column-wise Pearson correlations between large matrices using a vectorized method
  • An order of magnitude faster than Matlab built-in corr.m to compute the full correlation matrix
  • View on MathWorks File Exchange

Intrinsic Connectivity Contrast (ICC)

  • A simple utility for efficiently computing the ICC, a measure of degree centrality for weighted networks
  • This function was inspired by Martuzzi et al. (2011) and used in some of my neuroimaging research (Layden et al., 2017)
  • View on MathWorks File Exchange


Layden, E. A., Cacioppo, J. T., Cacioppo, S., Cappa, S. F., Dodich, A., Falini, A., & Canessa, N. (2017). Perceived social isolation is associated with altered functional connectivity in neural networks associated with tonic alertness and executive control. Neuroimage, 145, 58-73.

Martuzzi, R., Ramani, R., Qiu, M., Shen, X., Papademetris, X., & Constable, R. T. (2011). A whole-brain voxel based measure of intrinsic connectivity contrast reveals local changes in tissue connectivity with anesthetic without a priori assumptions on thresholds or regions of interest. Neuroimage, 58(4), 1044-1050.